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With over 40 years’ experience in translation services and a large number of qualified translators and interpreters at our disposal, can rightfully claim to be the number one professional in its field. Our package of services covers all world languages, so that we can provide all our clients from public and private sectors with translations and interpreting services in any required language.


We are a dynamic, quality translation agency and we work ceaselessly to optimise our services, so that we can serve you even better. Our organisation is characterised by rapid translation services, highly competitive rates and the provision of quality translations to a broad target group. works exclusively with experienced language and subject specialists (the native-speaker principle). In addition to this, the translations are checked by in-house proofreaders for grammar, idiom, technical jargon and completeness, in accordance with the quality standard for translations issued by the branch association VViN (formerly ATA).

Highly competitive rates, rapid delivery

At, quality, confidentiality and flexibility are the key words. This is reflected in our translations. Our pricing is transparent and we only calculate the number of words translated, minus the degree of repetition. That makes things clear and simple for our clients. For a quick, free quote, e-mail us at

Website translations

Do you waste valuable time adapting translations for your website or do you prefer to leave this in the hands of a professional? A good translation partner makes sure that the use of language corresponds with that on other websites in the country in question, and takes account of cultural differences. We have a revolutionary new concept which enables you to add extra languages to your website very quickly, simply and without development costs. This also allows you to avoid the usual problems surrounding updates of website translations.


Looking for a creative and professional copywriter? We have already made the selection for you. At, you will find text professionals for every sector and every type of text. Whether it’s brochures, annual reports, articles, web texts or mail shots you want, our years of experience with texts and copywriters guarantee the quality you seek.

Online interpreting service

New is our online interpreting service. We provide online (telephone) interpreters for both public and private sectors, as well as individuals, e.g. via Skype. Our interpreters have very good communication skills and a perfect command of the languages required. Your online interpreter will make sure your message is conveyed correctly and in a professional manner. Did you know that online can provide interpreters in more than 200 languages? In short: need an online interpreter quickly at a highly competitive rate? will arrange it for you!

Because we have a broad, committed team of expert linguists at our disposal, we can guarantee that every translation we supply meets the most stringent quality requirements of the branch association VViN (formerly ATA).

Advantages, at home in every language:

  • offers highly competitive rates thanks to translation memory tools
  • has an extensive pool of highly experienced translators and expert linguists
  • delivers urgent translations, multilingual projects, interpreters, DTP services, revision/advice
  • supports the uploading of previous translations for new clients
  • appoints one project manager per project for special wishes and customised solutions
  • as standard practice, carries out post-translation proofreading and quality checks
  • bears the quality mark of the Association of Translation Agencies (ATA)
  • has more than 40 years’ experience and over 2,000 satisfied clients

Specialist subject areas

Technical documents, legal dossiers, general texts, financial reports, user guides or creative brochures and websites – whatever you require, we will translate it for you. We also provide additional services such as copywriting, DTP and correction work. We only use experienced and expert native speakers. Naturally, you can depend on the quality of our translation work. It is possible, however, that your organisation has its own preferences regarding terminology or style. In that case, your feedback is highly appreciated. We will enter the preferred terms immediately in your own customised terminology database, to guarantee the consistent use of terminology in following projects.


Our concern for security, quality and customer satisfaction is reflected throughout our organisation. Our certified quality system and internal procedures are geared fully to handling client information and documents in a confidential manner. We work with the most advanced software applications, which meet the latest security and confidentiality requirements.

Translation memory tools works with the latest translation tools, such as Trados from SDL, Déjà Vu and Wordfast. Our translators use these tools to guarantee quality and consistency (of style and terminology, among other things). Thanks to the software, it also means that different translators can be deployed on a project whilst the quality and efficiency of the translations is maintained. With larger projects, translation tools also have a positive effect on delivery times, which is also cost effective.

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